Things I’m Doing To Feel More Festive

Christmas time can be hard for many people for many reasons… It’s not always easy to feel festive! For me, having anxiety and depression means that Christmas can be tough.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Christmas. However, my brain tends to complicate Christmas for me. All I want to do is feel festive and be excited for the big day, but in reality I often spend a lot of December sleeping or being miserable. It’s frustrating! As much as I wish it would, my depression isn’t going to disappear for Christmas so I just have to get on with it.

With Christmas only a couple of days away (omg panic), I thought I’d share some of the things I’m doing to feel festive. Sometimes the little things really do make a world of difference. Hopefully this will help any of you who aren’t feeling very festive yet!

Let’s get the most boring/practical one out of the way first… This year, I’m making sure I take my medication daily and also making sure I don’t go overboard on the booze! Hangovers when you’re on sertraline are not fun.

As for the little things…

Turning on the Christmas lights everyday! This is so simple, but I’ve found it does make a difference. I love seeing the soft glow of the Christmas tree in the corner of our living room.

Changing my bedding. Even if you don’t have a special Christmas duvet, just put something fresh and cosy on will help! Our bedding is covered in sausage dogs wearing hats and scarfs… I mean who could resist that?! I love it.

Watching as many Christmas films as humanly possible. We’ve been on a Christmas movie binge recently. I think there’s something so comforting about old Christmas films that you’ve seen a hundred times. We’ve got 6 left on our list to watch, so wish us luck… We’ll be attempting to watch them all today and tomorrow.

Christmas jumpers and pyjamas. I’ve basically been living in Christmas clothing. If I’m going out then I’ve been chucking on a Christmas jumper with some jeans. If I’m in the flat then I’m obviously lounging around in my Christmas pjs.

Consuming a ridiculous amount of cheese. I love cheese all year round, but I feel like Christmas is a great excuse to eat even more than normal. We’ve had a good few cheeseboards this month, and I plan on having a few more before the month is up!

Wrapping presents with a big cup of tea or hot chocolate. Wrapping presents is what makes me feel most festive at this time of year. I love getting gifts for my loved ones, but I love wrapping them even more! I’ve still got a pile of presents to wrap today, and I am so excited for it.

Listening to Christmas music whenever possible. If we’re not watching a Christmas film or binge watching The Office then I can guarantee you that we’re playing Christmas music. Even if I’m feeling horrible, I can’t resist singing along to Christmas songs.

Last but not least, eating all the chocolate. Okay I’ll admit it… I’m not sure that this really makes me feel festive, but it’s got to be done at Christmas! Whether it’s a tub of Quality Street or just a nice bar of chocolate, treat yourself to something sweet in the run up to Christmas.

If you’ve got any more suggestions of things I could do to feel festive then please do let me know! I’ll do my best to squeeze them all in before the big day.

This will be my last blog post before Christmas, so I hope you all have a very merry Christmas! If this time of year is tough for you, please be kind to yourself. Your health and happiness are the most important things.

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  • Sophie says:

    I’ve been doing similar by turning on my fairy lights and opening my advent every day – it’s reminded me how much SOPHIE loves chocolate, so it needs to happen more!

  • Kim says:

    I can relate to this. I also suffer with depression and anxiety so Christmas can be very tough. My brain tries to make everyone else happy and try to give them their desired Christmas, I forget about myself. These are lovely ways to feel more festive this season. Christmas music, jumpers, pyjamas and fresh bedding are a must for me.

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