The Reality Of Having A Cat

reality of having a cat

Last week we were celebrating my birthday… This week we are celebrating Bear’s birthday. In case you don’t know, Bear is my ridiculously cute cat and today is his birthday. I can’t believe he’s one now!

I love having Bear around, however there’s a lot of things I didn’t know about cats until owning one myself. Here are some things I’ve learned since becoming a cat parent…

1)  Their claws are small, but they’re sharp. He may look ridiculously cute and harmless, but he’s definitely caused a few scars.

2)  Cats are way more affectionate than you think. Bear loves to cuddle up on my chest. It’s pretty much the best feeling ever when your cat shows you some love.

3)  Hairballs smell. They basically look like a little poo, and it’s your job to pick them up… Great. Bear loves to throw up on the hall carpet, so unless you want to step on it you better keep your eyes peeled!

4)  Cats love to disappear and squeeze into the smallest of places. Bear somehow managed to get UNDER the bath when he was a kitten aka he very nearly gave me a heart attack. Trying to get him out was eventful to say the least.

5) Their hair gets everywhere. I think our little hoover is just about to give up on us, so it’s probably time to invest in a better one…

reality of having a cat

6) The days of having a relaxing bath are long gone. Your cat will be right beside you on the edge of the bath, occasionally sticking their paw in and splashing you. You’ll spend the whole time praying they don’t fall in and scratch your bits.

7)  It’s impossible to stay mad at your cat. How can you be angry when they’re that cute?

8)  Sometimes it feels like they love their scratch post more than they love you… Honestly they probably would if it could feed them.

9)  You could spend a hundred pounds on new toys, and they’ll still insist on playing fetch with their old dirty collar. I’m looking at you Bear…

10)  I never thought having a cat would affect my sleeping pattern… Silly me! When it’s time for bed, Bear hops onto my pillow and basically takes up the whole thing. He doesn’t seem too concerned about whether I’m getting a good sleep or not when he’s snoring in my ear.

11)  Despite the little annoying things they may do, a cat really is a great companion and they become part of the family. I couldn’t imagine my life without Bear now!

reality of having a cat

If you’d like to see what Bear looked like as a kitten, I actually wrote a blog post about getting him. I can’t believe how big he is now!

If you’d like to see more of Bear, he features a lot on my Instagram.

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