Supporting Independent Businesses

Supporting independent businesses

Supporting independent businesses is something I try to do as much as possible. I really admire independent business owners for their hard work and determination. When buying from a small business, you know that a lot of time and effort goes into each individual product. Shopping small also gives you the ability to make sure you’re shopping ethically.

I thought for this week’s blog post I’d share some of my favourite small businesses, and I hope you’ll check them all out! A small order truly can make a big difference to an independent business.


Independent Businesses

WhatLydDid is a fellow blogger who recently opened an Etsy shop. Lyd offers cute and quirky prints and letter sets. I just received my first order and couldn’t be happier with what I received! The products are great quality and are very reasonably priced. Also, how cute are those elephant stickers? Lyd is so talented, and I’m so proud of her.

Half Stitch Embroidery

Independent Businesses

If you’re looking for a feminist and empowering business then Half Stitch is the solution.  Trudi has incredible t-shirts, jumpers and patches. She’s also based in Glasgow, so it’s nice to support someone local! All the products are ethically sourced and made which is really important to me. I purchased my Fuck the Tories jumper well over a year ago now and it’s definitely one of my most worn items of clothing.

Happy Place Cosmetics

Independent Businesses

Looking to make your bath time a bit more exciting? Happy Place Cosmetics is the place to go. I love Lush just as much as the next person, but I’m so happy to have found an independent business to support! HPC are vegan and cruelty free. I love their Bath Bomb Dust.  You can get a few uses out of the pots, compared to a one use only bath bomb, meaning they’re better value for money!


Independent Businesses

You may be noticing a little bit of a theme here… I’m all about that anti-tory merch and grlclb is yet another Glasgow based business that is providing the goods! I respect everything that grlclb stands for – take a look at the club rules here. The bag above is my most recent purchase, and I think it speaks for itself. Incredible. If I had the money, I can promise you’d I’d be buying every single GRLCLB item for every single person I know.


Independent Businesses

I discovered Sighh on Instagram years ago, and I’m so glad I did. Sighh offers beautifully illustrated phone cases, tote bags, pins, prints and more. I’ve got a few of Polly’s pins now as well as “The Everyday Tote”, but I’m always eyeing up new things on the website. I’ll definitely be picking up her Weekly Food Shop tote when my bank balance isn’t looking so sad.

Sunshine No.1

Sunshine No.1 is an independent retailer in the southside of Glasgow which sells unique products from across Scotland. Luckily enough, it’s right around the corner from my flat! If I ever need a birthday card or a small gift, this shop is my go to. One of the reasons I love Sunshine No.1 is because Suzi can tell you where each item is from and who made it. I think there’s something really special about that. They also have an online store if you’re not local!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend!

I’ve linked all of the businesses above so please do take a look. I have no doubt that they’d love your support. 

Please let me know your favourite independent businesses in the comments, because I’m always on the lookout for new businesses to support. 

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  • WhatLydDid says:

    Polly’s Sighh designs were actually the first ones that inspired me to learn about graphic design and illustration years ago! Thankyou so, so much for including me, I’m absolutely thrilled that you love your items!

    I’m really glad you included Happy Place too, I was looking for LUSH alternatives on Etsy only this morning and they look perfect.

    • rbekhaj says:

      Yeah her stuff is incredible! No need to thank me at all.

      HPC stuff is lovely! I’ve been using their Mint Body Scrub loads and it leaves you feeling so fresh.

  • C.K Beauty says:

    Great post! Im going to look into Sighh I really want to start buying pins, i used to have quite a few but somehow they seem to have all disappeared! x

  • Lucy Creber says:

    Omg I love this blog post so much! Always wanted to shop more in independent businesses. These shops are so cute!

  • I have a Half Stitch Embroidery sticker on my laptop but had no idea she was doing sweaters now, that’s fab! Loads of new-to-me names on here to check out – Glasgow is such an amazingly creative place for designer-makers with a cheeky sense of humour.

    • rbekhaj says:

      Yeah she’s got loads of amazing stuff – I just wish I had the budget to buy more haha! Glasgow really does have a great creative scene, doesn’t it?

  • Oh my word, the Anti-Tory merch in this post has had me chuckling to myself! I love the tote bag, I’m going to look into picking that up myself and I bloody love Sighh – I haven’t check out any of their bits in ages so I’m off to have a little browse.. 🙊