Strong Women Serving Strong Coffee

If you know me then you know I love good, strong coffee. I also love strong women who work hard, so it’s no surprise that I’m passionate about strong women serving strong coffee.

It is no secret that the coffee industry is typically a male dominated industry. However I’m hopeful that things are changing! Over the last year or so I have discovered some powerhouse women that are changing the coffee scene. I thought I’d tell you a little bit about some of the strong women making strong coffee.


Dear Green

Dear Green began as a one woman business, fuelled by Lisa’s love for coffee after a trip to Australia. She returned home to Glasgow, frustrated by the lack of good coffee in the area, so what did she do? Roasted her own of course. It wasn’t long until Dear Green thrived into the busy, successful business that it is today!

One of the things I admire most about Dear Green is that Lisa has ensured it is an ethical business since day one. For example, Dear Green are a living wage employer and their beans are sourced from sustainable farms across the world. Lisa even takes the time and effort to visit some of the farms herself, to ensure the workers are paid and treated fairly.


BAM Glasgow

Bam is a vintage clothes and coffee shop which opened late last year. It is run by Elaine and Jen – two twin sisters with a passion for collaboration over competition. They always have a variety of coffee available – from the fabulous female roasters (Dear Green and Girls Who Grind) to small, local indy roasters. These two women always have a smile on their face and are the perfect example of strong women doing great things.


Glasgow Coffee Festival

As if Lisa doesn’t have enough on her plate with roasting beans and supplying coffee to businesses around the UK, she also started the Glasgow Coffee Festival. Bringing together incredible roasters and cafes from across the UK, it’s the dream weekend for any fellow coffee lovers.

The festival does not use any single use takeaway cups – you can bring your own reusable coffee cup or the lovely people over at KeepCup will be on hand to loan you one. Oh and all profits go to charity, so there’s no reason not to go!

Lisa was kind enough to give out a discount code for this year’s coffee festival when I visited Dear Green recently. If you fancy coming along and want 30% off your ticket then use the code BloggersWhoBrunch30


Girls Who Grind

Not Glasgow based, however I couldn’t write this post without giving Girls Who Grind a mention. They are an all female coffee roastery based in the south of England. They source their beans from female producers around the world and they’re really passionate about empowering women in coffee! I’m currently using a bag of their beans at home, and they are great.


Mala Carne

Okay back to Glasgow based businesses… Mala Carne is another example of strong women serving strong coffee! They even use Dear Green coffee if you fancy giving it a try. Claire runs this Mount Florida cafe seamlessly – serving delicious coffee, vegan cakes and veggie food. You may also notice that the majority of the staff are women too – yay! Their hard work and passion for the job does not go unnoticed!


Milk Cafe

Milk is another friendly Southside coffee spot. However they don’t just serve good coffee… They are a social enterprise, and they work to support and empower refugee and migrant women living in Glasgow. Not only do they offer work experience for vulnerable women, they also provide free classes and workshops for all women in the area.

I’m sure there are loads of other strong women in coffee that I’ve not mentioned, so I’d love to know if you can think of any I’ve missed! I love supporting independent businesses, but I think it’s even more special when you know they’re women led and ethically run.

I hope this post has made you aware of at least one new business to support. If it has then I’ve done my job!


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