Good Bodies 2.0 Tee


The good bodies tee, version two! This time around, we’re letting the graphic do the talking – no text needed.

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All bodies are good bodies. Yes, all bodies. Fat bodies. Slim bodies. Disabled bodies. Pregnant bodies. Cis bodies. Trans bodies. Scarred bodies. Freckled bodies. They’re all valid, and they all deserve to feel valued in our society.

Product description: White neutral fit t-shirt with a hand-drawn image of three bodies.

100% organic cotton. Produced ethically, and printed with vegan, cruelty free ink.

Available XS-5XL.

PLEASE NOTE: Products are made to order. This is not fast fashion – it’s good ol’ slow fashion. Products may take up to 4 weeks to dispatch, but I’ll do my best to get them to ya as soon as I can.


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