Anti Diet ≠ Anti Health Tee


The t-shirt says it all, doesn’t it? Anti diet ≠ anti health.

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If you’re part of the anti-diet movement, you’ll know how often folks assume that being anti-diet must automatically mean you don’t care about your health, but that’s just not true. You can care about your health and choose not to diet, because guess what? Diets are not healthy.

Product description: White neutral fit t-shirt which reads anti-diet ≠ anti-health (in all capitals).

100% organic cotton. Produced ethically. Design printed with vegan and cruelty free ink.

Available XS-5XL.

PLEASE NOTE: Products are made to order. This is not fast fashion – it’s good ol’ slow fashion. Products may take up to 4 weeks to dispatch, but I’ll do my best to get them to ya as soon as I can.


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