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Oh hello, a new blog post has arrived. This post is 100% inspired by the wonderful Chloe Plumstead who has recently started a series called Photos From My Phone. I love the idea of sharing some of the less curated pictures, so I thought I’d share my week in pictures too! The ones that I love but ones that probably won’t make the Instagram feed. Here’s a quick little rundown of my week with the assistance of some unstyled, unplanned pictures.



Oh dear, I was not excited when Monday rolled around. I had avoided studying for exams over the weekend and knew that I would have to get my act together on the Monday. Sooooooo, unsurprisingly my day mainly included coffee and notes. Lots of both. Lewis also tried to demonstrate how high he could kick (spoiler: it wasn’t very high). I unfortunately don’t have a picture of this… I mean I do have a slow motion video but I have a feeling Lewis might break up with me if I shared it…

So for now, coffee and notes.



So… My brain appeared not to be functioning on Tuesday. Did I arrange to meet Charlotte at 11? Yep. Was I ready on time? Yep. Did I somehow look at my phone at 11:04 and realise I was still sitting on the couch? Yes again… Anyway, I rushed to Creative East End in a taxi and met Charlotte for a wee coffee date. Luckily she is a wonderful human and didn’t hate me for being late. The rest of my day included more coffee, a delicious solo brunch at Mesa and a strong attempt at studying. Oh and I met a dog called Lynn… She drooled on my arm and honestly it was the highlight of my day.



You guessed it… I was studying. However, there was also some serious candle drama going on and by candle drama, I mean I finished a candle… And it burned evenly?! I also lit a new candle too, so clearly it was a very exciting day. In the evening, I went along to The Body Shop on Sauchiehall Street. Gemma organised an event with them, and I got to see lots of my favourite Glasgow blogger pals. I learned about the work The Body Shop do to be as sustainable as possible and also learned about some of their new products (including the Happy Go Lash mascara – I bought it and I’m loving it).



Bear was being cute. As always. Oh and I actually made the effort to put make up on that day, so obviously I had to document both of these wonderful things… I also decided to go to Mala Carne for my lunch, because it’s just round the corner and I was hoping being in a cafe would help me get more work done. Honestly I’m not too sure it did, but my black beans were delicious so no complaints here! On another food related note, Betty Crocker mug cakes are an absolute dream when you fancy a delicious baked brownie but have 0 ingredients and 0 time. They’re ready in under 2 minutes (excuse me while I take a 2 minute break to make one another one…)



Friday was another study day (wow are we surprised?). Despite the boring day, my Friday ended well. I decided to call it quits around 5 and decided to get out the house. We needed to buy more coffee beans, so Lewis and I headed to Bam for them. Since the weather was so ridiculously nice, we decided to walk home through the park. Obviously had to stop for ice cream, didn’t we? I went for mint choc chip. It was DELISH



Saturday was glorious. Glasgow treated us to another day of incredible weather. I decided not to study, because my mental health is more important and I knew I needed a day off. We decided to head to the West End and go for a walk around Kelvingrove Park. Obviously I needed a caffeine kick first though, so we stopped off at Space Coffee House. It’s so pretty in there and the coffee is wonderful! We also ended up at Loop and Scoop (aka my favourite place) and I got a two scoop cone. We met a puppy there called George and he was so cute I almost cried.



No pictures today. I’m yet to get out of bed, and I doubt I’ll be snapping many pictures today anyway. I’ve got exams on Tuesday and Wednesday, so today is going to consist of studying, studying aaaaaand studying some more. Wish me luck!!

And that’s a wrap! I’m very amused that the majority of these pictures are food. I think it’s pretty clear what I enjoy consuming and capturing the most hahaha

What have you been up to this week?? I would love to know!


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  • This is a fantastic idea for a post! My kids are growing every day and I often think that I’m not taking as many photos as I should be. This could be just the inspiration I need to get back to it! Thanks for the idea 🙂

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