My Summer Goals + Plans

Well my exams are over and it finally feels like I can breathe again. Now that I don’t have to worry about uni for a little while, I’m excited to focus on my blog. I’m hoping I can post a bit more often and create the best content I possibly can!

I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my plans and goals for the summer in this blog post – both in terms of my blog and in my personal life… Let’s go through them!


Reach Out More

I feel lonely a lot of the time (thanks anxiety and depression) and getting out of the house for a coffee can make a world of difference. However, I’m often too scared to reach out to people and ask if they want to go for a coffee. I tend to wait and hope someone will reach out to me instead… I know that’s silly and it’s definitely something I want to work on over the next few months. There’s no harm in sending a wee message, right? The worst thing they can say is no.



We’ve got two trips planned – both of which I’m very excited for. In August we’re heading to Berlin for 4 days and then in September we’re going to New York and Washington DC. It’s been a couple years since we’ve travelled abroad, and I’ve definitely missed it. As well as our trips abroad, I’d love to see more of the UK this summer – whether it’s visiting somewhere new in Scotland or heading down to England/Wales.

Continue Talking About Mental Health

Both online and offline. Mental health is something I am so incredibly passionate about, and I want to continue talking about it. While rbekhaj is and probably always will be a lifestyle blog, I want to make sure that a big chunk of my content is mental health related. Mental illness is something that affects every single day of my life so it only seems right that I share more about it.

Polish Up My Newsletter

If ya didn’t know, I recently started up a newsletter dedicated to all things mental health. I’m really happy with how it’s going so far, but I know there are lots of little improvements I could make! I just sorta put it together on a whim, having never used Mailchimp before, but I think a wee bit of research on how to create and design a newsletter would definitely be useful.



Starting my blog was never about making money, but I’ve been lucky enough to do a few sponsored collaborations in the past and I would absolutely love to do some more over the summer. I’m definitely going to pitch myself to some of my favourite brands and see what happens!

I would also love to do some freelance work – in terms of content writing and social media. I’ve been doing some research and I’m really looking forward to hopefully starting my freelance journey. If you’ve got any tips or tricks for me, I would really appreciate it.


Overall, I really just want this summer to be an opportunity for me to grow. I want to work on my mental health and focus on the friendships in my life, while also working on producing better content for my blog and social media. I’m really excited to have a break from uni and to really focus on the things I’m most passionate about.

I’ve had a pretty difficult year so far, but I’m hopeful this summer will be better.

Do you have any summer plans yet? I’d love to know!

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  • Sarah says:

    I haven’t given much thought as to what I want to accomplish this summer. But now I will have to give it some thought, as it will be summer before too long. Your goals look great and I hope you are able to reach all of them.

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