My 2019 Goals

It only feels right that I set some goals at the start of 2019! I’m not a fan of setting new years resolutions, but I do like making a good goal or two. Whether they’re short or long term goals, big or small, I enjoy having things to strive towards. However, I’m not too strict with myself and I try to set realistic goals.

So if you fancy seeing the goals I’ve set myself for 2019 then carry on reading… Oh and don’t worry, there will be absolutely no diet chat going on.


Prioritise my mental health.

This goal is going above all the others this year, and I think that’s the way it should be. I’ve let my mental health fall fall to the wayside in previous years but that won’t be the case this year. 2019 is the year I work on and care for my silly brain.


Read 25 books.

Last year I set myself the goal of reading more, but I’m being more specific this year. I’m not sure if 25 is a bit overambitious since I’ll also be finishing my third year of uni and starting my fourth, but I do like a challenge!


Live consciously. 

That sounds a bit vague, doesn’t it? Last year I set myself the goal of living more ethically, and I want to keep that up. Fast fashion has been a well discussed topic in 2018, and in 2019 I’d like to make a more conscious effort to avoid it. I want to spend more time hunting my way around charity shops for some second hand bargains, and maybe start using Depop too! I’d also like to continue cutting down my single use plastic and eating as plant based as possible.

Be more tidy.

I’m sure Lewis is rolling his eyes at this one… I’m definitely not the most tidy human, but I’d like to work on it! I’ll admit I’ve been a bit sceptical about the whole tidy mind, tidy home thing in the past, but ya know what? I think they might be on to something… I do feel better when our flat is tidy, so I’m hoping I can keep things a bit more organised in 2019.


Keep growing this little blog of mine. 

Last year I posted once a week on my blog, and I intend to keep that up this year. If I can post more than once a week then that’s even better! Although I want to keep posting regularly, my real focus is on quality. I want to continue improving the content I’m sharing with you and really find my niche.


Change things up in our flat.

In an ideal world, I would love to be in a new flat or house by the end of 2019, but in the mean time I would love to make some changes in our flat. We’ve been here for over a year and half now, but we haven’t done much to spruce up the space. We can’t do much in terms of painting or renovating since we’re renting, but I would love to add some new pieces of furniture. Our coffee table is currently a very luxurious £7 number from IKEA, so if we could replace that this year then I’d be a happy gal! On that note, if you’ve got any affordable furniture recommendations then please send them my way…


Step out of my comfort zone more.

I’m hoping to do more of the things that make me uncomfortable in 2019. Whether that be attempting to make new friends (oh dear wish me luck), going to blog events on my own or pitching to brands more. Even though I’ll be a very anxious bean, I do think stepping out of my comfort zone will help me grow.


And that’s my goals for the year! They might change as the year goes on, but I’m happy with this little list for now. 

If I had to sum up all my goals in one word, it would definitely be growth. I’m really hoping 2019 is a year of growth and happiness for me, and I truly hope it is for you too.

I’d love to hear some of your goals if you fancy sharing them with me!

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