The Monthly Round Up // March 2019

And just like that another month is over which means it’s time for the monthly round up! It feels like March went by pretty fast, don’t ya think? Due to how quickly the month passed, I actually struggled to write this post. What did I do this month?! Did I even leave my bed?!

After a quick flick through my camera roll, it appears I did in fact do more than just sleep so let’s chat about it. Here’s a rundown of what I did, read, watched and listened to over the last month!


What I did… 

Walked around the West End – despite being in the West End for uni most days, I don’t actually do many *fun* things there. However last weekend, Lewis and I spent our Saturday strolling around the West End and it was really nice. We looked in vintage shops, went for a walk in the park and ate delicious ice cream

Launched my newsletter! The first edition goes out tomorrow morning, and I’m super proud of it. I dedicated a lot of time in March to the newsletter, and I am really excited for it to be out in the world. If you’ve not signed up yet, you can do so here. Make sure you confirm the subscription or else you won’t be properly signed up!

Brunch! March was full of brunch dates with some of my favourite blogging pals and that makes my heart happy. I went to Gnom with Hayleigh, Baked with Alicia and I went to Grain and Grind with Lis. Not to get too soppy, but it feels really nice to have made some friends through blogging. I was starting to worry I’d be friendless forever in Glasgow, but I think I’ve proved myself wrong… I hope?!


What I’ve Been Listening To…

No exciting new music to report this month. I’ve been listening to all the usuals, but Billie Eilish’s album just came out so I’m excited to listen to that!

I’ve been getting back into podcasts too, so I’d really appreciate any recommendations you have!

One of the podcasts I’ve been listening to is Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness…

Watching Season 3 of Queer Eye resparked my love for JVN. Okay that love never really went away, but it did remind me that I started listening to his podcast ages ago and completely forgot about it. I’ve started listening again this month and have really enjoyed it. He always covers interesting topics and brings in an expert on the subject. Informative and funny, you can’t go wrong with this podcast!


What I’ve Been Watching…

Queer Eye Season 3 – the best show on the planet is back with a new season and I’m delighted. We limited ourselves to only watching one per day, but unfortunately it was still over way too fast.

RawBeautyKristi – Do I try and recreate any of Kristi’s make up looks? Nope. Do I watch every single tutorial regardless of that? Absolutely. I just love Kristi’s personality and her channel is a joy to watch! Her videos always cheer me up.

Parks and Rec – we finished The Office, so naturally we’ve decided to watch Parks and Rec from start to finish before we inevitably go back to The Office for the millionth time.

Lots of true crime – I’m a true crime junkie. Eleanor Neale is my usual Youtube go to, however I’ve recently discovered Stephanie Harlow’s channel and have spent a ridiculous amount of time binge watching her videos. They are incredibly in depth and tend to be at least an hour long every time, but I love them. Every case she covers is so well researched, and I always come away having learned something new. If you’re a true crime fan, I’d definitely recommend her channel!

What I’ve Been Reading…

I’ve got a confession… I’ve not got through one book this month, and I’m so sad about it! I’m not sure why I neglected reading this month, I think I just couldn’t find the right book to get my nose stuck into! I’m determined to read more in April, because I really have missed it.

However, I have been reading and enjoying some blog posts…

I’m not sorry | I didn’t think it was possible to admire Hayleigh more than I already do, but I was wrong! She recently shared why she needs to stop saying sorry, and I really resonated with it. I’m so guilty of saying sorry for the silliest little things, and I’m definitely going to be more mindful of it from now on!

Twenty years of blogging, but still not a blogger | If you don’t already follow Lis and read her blog, well you should. She has twenty years of experience in this industry, and I think it shows. Lis is articulate, relatable, inspiring – quite frankly, everything I aim to be. She might not consider herself a blogger, but I personally consider her one and a very successful one at that. I think she does a great job of showing that you don’t have to fit into a cookie cutter mould to be a blogger.

The destruction of the earth is a crime. It should be prosecuted // This ones not a blog post; it’s actually a really interesting article from The Guardian. They’re discussing the impact that businesses have on the earth and how they should be criminally liable for this. While there’s currently a huge focus on individuals living more sustainably, I think we should definitely be talking more about the ethics of companies too!

And that’s a wrap! I have a feeling my April will mainly involve revision, but hopefully it’ll be a good month regardless!

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  • Sophie says:

    At this point I’m almost certain we’re the same person…I’ve finished The Office so I’m rewatching Parks & Rec before I watch The Office again (I’ve almost finished Parks & Rec now!), I LOVE Eleanor Neale (!!) and I haven’t read a single book this month either. If you’re a fan of true crime vids, Bella Fiori is great and does some really interesting ones – the case of Josh Maddux will always freak me out.
    As for podcasts, my blogger friend Fran has just come out with #honestyhour and it is going to be incredible!

    I hope April is a good one for you.

    Love, Soph x

  • Anne says:

    Aww I feel better I’m not the only one doing literally no reading for fun right now, but I think studying makes my brain too dead to even think about reading a book after even though I’d love too haha! But you have inspired me to rewatch parks and rec <3 I hope your exams go well! x


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