The Monthly Round Up, February 2019

Well another month has come to an end which means it’s time for a monthly round up! Thankfully February didn’t seem to drag on quite as long as January did… February has been hard for me mental health wise, but it’s also been a great month in lots of other ways. It’s been full of good people, good food and good content. Let’s chat about it.


Places I’ve Been…

Blog and Beyond Road Show // this was the kick up the bum I needed! The roadshow was a 5 hour long event at the lovely wee Creative East End about all things blogging. Charlotte chatted about monetising your blog (which finally led me to sign up to some affiliate programmes). Kirsty chatted about pitching to brands (which I desperately needed help with) as well as how to increase your engagement on Instagram. Last but not least, Briony chatted all things SEO which was so helpful! I’m really glad I went, and I’m looking forward to improving my blog thanks to everything I learned!

The Glad Cafe // I’ve walked past The Glad Cafe a million times and never thought to go in. Well, Gemma changed that this month and thanks to her I think it’ll be one of my new regular spots. We went for brunch, and I got the Big Vegan Fry Up which was incredible. They use Dear Green coffee and they had oat milk too, so overall I was a very happy gal!

Essence of Harris Event // This was definitely another highlight of the month. Essence of Harris are a family owned candle company from the Isle of Harris. I spent an evening at the Corinthian in Glasgow, smelling all of their incredible scents and learning about the brand. It was so nice to see how much they truly care about their products, their customers and their staff! If you need a nice sox wax candle, they’re definitely worth checking out.

Park Lane Market // Park Lane Market is finally back after a couple months off! Based down a wee lane off of Pollokshaws road, you’ll find a big line of indie business stalls on the first and last Sunday of every month. We popped along last Sunday, and it was great. Firstly, I got to pet multiple cute dogs which was delightful. Secondly, The Pie Hole were there and we bought a couple slices of their Junk Pie to take home! I also picked up some chilli infused oils from Sunshine Tea Lounge which I’ve been cooking with this week!

What I’ve Been Listening To…

Human by dodie //  I’m pretty sure Dodie could sing the phonebook, and I’d be happy about it. However, her new EP is much more special than the phonebook. I love every single song, and I’m so glad to finally have a studio version of She in my ears.

The Midnight Organ Fright by Frightened Rabbit // I listen to this album every single month but felt it deserved a mention this month. Scott had an incredible way of putting his thoughts into words, and they may or may not make me cry 99% of the time.

A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships by The 1975 // For some reason, I didn’t listen to this album when it first came out. I finally listened to it in February, and I just wish I’d listened sooner! I’ve definitely been missing out. I really do think The 1975 just keep getting better and better. This album is ridiculously catchy and the lyrics are so clever.


What I’ve Been Watching…

The Office // No surprise there! We’ve just finished season 8, so one more season to go before we inevitably go back to the start and watch it all over again! Does anyone else watch The Office on loop despite there being a million other TV shows to watch??

Russian Doll // This is a new Netflix exclusive. It originally caught my eye purely for the fact that it featured Natasha Lyonne. I love her so that alone was enough to convince me to watch it, and I’m glad it did! We’re about 5 or 6 episodes in and I’m loving it so far.

Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Series // I’ve been eagerly awaiting for Shane to release new content, and February was the month for that! If I’m being honest, I didn’t love the first conspiracy episode. However, I absolutely loved the second one. So much so that I watched it twice…


What I’ve Been Reading… 

An Edited Life by Anna Newton // I was so happy to see that this was the Blog and Beyond book for February, because it gave me an excuse to buy it! An Edited Life is Anna’s guide to decluttering every aspect of your life. Personally I don’t think it’s a book you’d read from start to finish in one sitting, but it’s a great coffee table book. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed picking it up occasionally over the month!

Guilt + Sustainability in Fashion // I really loved Nati’s take on fast fashion and what we can do to be sustainable without having to avoid the high street entirely. It’s nice to read a post from the perspective of the average consumer. Not everyone can afford to shop sustainably and it’s important to remember that!

How to Stop Time by Matt Haig // This is my first fiction read of Matt Haig’s and I’m really enjoying it so far. It The story centres around Tom. While Tom might look like your average forty year old man, he has actually been alive for centuries. Constantly changing his identity to stay alive, all Tom longs for now is a normal life, but will he get it? (I’m not sure, I’ve not finished it hahaha)

And that’s a wrap! I’d love to know some of the things you got up to in February if you fancy leaving me a comment. 

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  • Sophie says:

    I’m loving reading round ups at the minute! I really wish I could have made it to the Blog and Beyond roadshow, it sounded so good. I’ve also been watching The Office again now, I’m on round 10!!

    Love, Soph x

    • rbekhaj says:

      I’m loving round up posts too, they’re such a nice way to finish the month! Hahaha I’m not sure how many times it is for me, but I have a feeling it’s around the same as you! x

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