Looking Back at 2017


Firstly, Happy New Year! Before 2018 truly begins, I thought I’d do a quick little post reflecting on 2017. Looking back, it’s definitely been a tough year for me. However, I don’t think I’m quite ready to spill my guts about that yet… so we’ll focus on the positives for now!

In June, I visited Barcelona which was an absolute dream. Lewis and I spent my birthday weekend exploring the city and eating loads of tapas. We definitely took the wrong line on the Metro a few times and my Spanish is definitely not as good as I thought… but other than that, I think we did a pretty good job of exploring the city. The architecture was incredible, and we even made time to visit the beach one night. I definitely won’t forget my visit to this beautiful and vibrant city. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to go back one day and explore even more!


Surviving Uni
Not only did I survive my first year of law school, I somehow passed all my exams too??? That was definitely a huge relief, as I didn’t feel confident at all. I’m now halfway through my second year and have recently finished my first semester exams. I don’t have the results for them yet, but hopefully they will be okay too! My mental health (or lack of…) has made uni really difficult so far, because it means I struggle to concentrate. Regardless of that, I am really proud of myself for making it this far and it is definitely an achievement of 2017!

Dog Sitting
I’ve always loved dogs, and 2017 was the year I made sure I brought as many new doggies as possible into my life. In other words, I started offering a dog sitting service and it has been amazing. It isn’t really a stable/reliable job for me as of yet, as I only have so many customers and there’s no guarantee how often doggos will need watched! However, I’ve loved every single second and it’s been really good for my mental health. I’m looking forward to continuing this in 2018 and cuddling many more doggos.


Our First Flat
In June, after months of searching, Lewis and I put the deposit down on a flat we loved and got the keys. Despite a busy and stressful move in day, we ended the day with a takeaway on our living room floor and it felt pretty perfect to me! Our flat is in the south side of Glasgow, and I’ve really fell in love with the area. We’re less than ten minutes from the city centre, and we’re surrounded by some great cafes and restaurants. Although there are some things we’d like to change in 2018, our flat really does feel like home.

In September, we brought home our little kitten Bear. There’s no doubt that he’s been a highlight of my 2017. He is the cheekiest little monkey ever, but he is also the cutest. He now sleeps in our bed every night and seems to think my head is the comfiest place to sleep… It’s kinda impossible to get annoyed at him though when he’s that cute! I can’t wait to see how big he gets in 2018; our recent visit to the vet suggests he’s going to be a very big boy.

Last, but definitely not least…

My Blog
Of course I had to mention this! 2017 is the year I created my blog, and I’m so glad I did. I’m really happy with the content I’ve created this far, and I can promise you it’ll only get better from here. I’m going to work on posting much more regularly, as well as improving my photography. Although it’s only been a few months, my blog has already given me some amazing opportunities. I’ve met some lovely local bloggers and went to some great events. I’d like to say a special thanks to T2 and The Gin Bothy for holding such great events.


I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for me and for my blog. I really hope you’ll stick around to find out!

Thanks so much for all your support, and I hope 2018 treats you very well.

Bekah x


To read more about us getting Bear, click here.

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