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So if I’m being honest, it took me a while to get into podcasts. I’m a pretty visual person, so I initially felt like something was missing with a podcast, ya know? However, my mindset has definitely changed and I have quickly grown very attached to a handful of podcasts.

If you’re yet to get into podcasts, give them a try! Podcasts are perfect for when you’ve got shit to do and want something to keep you entertained in the process. They’re the perfect accompaniment to your daily commute or when you’re tidying the house (a very rare occasion in our flat).

Today we’re focusing on lifestyle and culture podcasts. If you like chatty podcasts that feel like you’re talking to a friend then these podcasts are definitely for you. So scroll on down and get your headphones at the ready!

Approachable by Samantha Ravndahl and Alyssa Anderson

This is the newest podcast of the bunch. There are only 2 episodes, but I already love this podcast. Samantha and Alyssa have candid conversations about issues that matter. They don’t take any bullshit, but they also approach every single situation with lightheartedness and a little bit of sarcasm. So far they’ve discussed imposter syndrome and alcoholism, and I really can’t wait to see what they chat about next.


At Home With… by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton

I have followed Lily and Anna on various platforms for years now – their blogs are some of the first I remember reading. However, I hadn’t gotten around to listening to their podcast until recently and I’m really enjoying it. Since I’m late to the party, I’ve got lots to catch up on! The premise of At Home With is to chat to cool women doing cool shit, sitting down with them in their own home and having an honest conversation.


Body Banter by Lauren Anderson and Cristiana Pribus

After following Lauren on Instagram for a little while, I was delighted when I found out she was starting a podcast with her childhood best friend. Body Banter is all about navigating life as two twenty-something plus sized women. They cover fashion, dating, travel, friendships and more. I really appreciate how they cover real life stories and difficult experiences with a sense of humour and optimism!

From Your Big Sister by Lisa-Marie Ferla

Lis gives the big sisterly advice you didn’t even know you needed. There are only 4 episodes so far, but I have found every single one an incredibly comforting listen. I love Lis’ honest, non-judgemental advice and I’m also grateful that each episode is introducing me to a new wonderful human. Topics discussed so far have included mental illness and chronic conditions, so obviously this podcast is right up my street!


The Fringe of It by Liv Purvis and Charlotte Jacklin

Liv and Charlotte describe themselves as out of touch early grandmas attempting to navigate their way through millennial life and WOW HELLO RELATABLE. They chat about their own lives, what’s going on in the world and of course they also have a good TV show to recommend too. I’ve got so many episodes to catch up on, but I think I’ll save them for a rainy day!


The Sister Show by Angela Braniff and Ashleigh Wilson

This is probably the wildcard out of all of my picks… The Sister Show is a podcast all about motherhood (no I’m not pregnant, just nosy) and if anyone knows about motherhood, it is these two women. They are sisters and have 14 kids between them. Angie and Ashleigh have frank, honest and positive conversations about raising children in the modern world and I find them really interesting! So if you’re a mother yourself or you’re just a nosy bum like me, The Sister Show is definitely worth a listen.


I hope you enjoy listening to some of my favourite podcasts – let me know if you give any of them a try! If you’ve got any podcast recommendations for me, leave a wee comment! I’m always on the hunt for more to listen to.


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  • Jordana says:

    I have been loving podcasts at th minute, haven’t heard of some of these so I’m definitely going to give some of them a listen!

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