How To Remain Kinda Productive When You’re Depressed

So I’ve really been struggling with the good ol’ depression lately. If you didn’t know, I have anxiety and depression. While I still have a lot of anxious days, depression is unfortunately a constant part of every day. I’m not sure why but the last few weeks have been even more tough than normal.

There have been a lot of tears and frustrations, and most days I haven’t even wanted to get out of bed. In spite of that, I’ve managed to remain relatively productive and I thought I’d share how. 

I’m not magic. These tips don’t magically make your brain better, but they do at least allow me to get a sliver of work done when I’m at battle with my brain. 

If you’re struggling too then hopefully these practical tips will help you be at least a little productive.

Set your alarm.

I don’t know about you, but I really struggle to get out of bed when I am depressed. If I don’t set an alarm, chances are I could sleep on and off till the early afternoon. If I put an alarm on, it at least encourages me to get up and start my day… even if I do hit snooze a few times!

Write a to do list.

It doesn’t matter if the tasks on your list are big or small, but having a list is so useful. I don’t know about you, but my depression really effects my memory.

If I’m having a particularly tough day, I put the simplest tasks on my to do list. Brush my teeth, take my medication, drink some water… They’re all things I need to do anyway, but putting them on that list makes sure they get done.

Put your clothes on!

That might sound strange, let me explain… Since I often work from home, it can be very tempting to stay in my pjs. However, if I’m down in the dumps, being in my pyjamas definitely does not encourage productivity. Putting some clothes on can sometimes give me the encouragement I need to get things done.

Reach out to a friend.

It can really help to talk things through with someone. Whether it’s just sending your friend a text to let them know you’re struggling or asking if they have time to go for a coffee, a catch up with a friend can really boost your mood and productivity.

If you’ve got fellow creative pals then that’s even better! Having someone to bounce ideas off can really help to inspire and motivate you to start that new project you’ve been procrastinating.

how to remain kinda productive when you're depressed

Consider coworking.

Last week I had a little cat cafe and coworking date with Lis and Charlotte. It started my week off right, and I definitely want to do it more often! Even though I was doing all of the same mundane Monday tasks I normally would, they were much less painful because I was in good company.

If you work from home and have freelancing friends, considering asking them if they’d be up for a work date. It gives you the chance to catch up, and you’ll probably be more productive than you would be at home!

Get out of the house.

When you’re depressed or anxious, even the smallest of tasks seem overwhelming. Even walking out the front door feels impossible to me sometimes! However, getting a change of scenery can help to reset your brain. Sometimes I do just have to force myself out the house, and that’s okay. 

If you feel up for it, work from a cafe for an hour or two. Being in a social environment (without having an obligation to actually talk to people) can be really helpful. Even if all you can handle is a five minute walk around the block, getting some fresh air might help you feel more equipped to get things done.

Lastly, do not beat yourself up if you simply need a day in bed.

It’s okay to have a day off – every single day can’t be perfectly productive. Tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to be productive, but it’s important to allow yourself to have that day of just being. Allowing yourself to rest will be beneficial for your mental health and allow you to be more productive in the future.

Before I go, I just want to stress again that you do not have to be productive every single day. Your worth and your value are not defined by your productivity.

Depression can have a huge impact on how we live our lives, and the simple tasks aren’t always that simple when you’re depressed. So please just be kind to yourself if you can.

how to remain kinda productive when you're depressed

Do you have any other tips on how to remain kinda for being productive when you’re in a slump? Let me know!

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  • Ellen says:

    This is really good advice, it will be so helpful for lots of people. Wishing you the best in the future, you can make it through!

  • Ornella says:

    Love this post – productivity takes such a hit when mental health is poor. I find that getting dressed, getting out and being with others is definitely key

    Another thing that helps spark productivity is doing tasks unrelated to what I *have* to do. So if I need to make a phone call, I’ll do house chores to get the ball rolling and allow my mind to see that tasks aren’t as daunting as they seem at the time x

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