How To Hygge Your Home

Hygge is a Danish term that refers to all things cosy. The Danish are passionate about making the home as cosy, comfortable, and happy as possible. I think it’s about time we all get on board with that idea! These tips and tricks work all year round to add some Hygge to your home, but I think they’re even more important in Winter…


Apparently Danish people burn more candles per head than any other European country, so candles are a must! I’ve been a bit candle obsessed over the last few months… My favourite indie candle companies are The Smallest Light and Cloud Nine Candles. However, if you’d like something cheap and cheerful then Home Bargains is the place to go! They always have huge candles for £2.99.

If you’ve got a fireplace (I’m jealous) then make sure that’s lit too! If not, maybe treat yourself to an extra hour of having the heating on and pretend there’s a roaring fire hiding?

A Stack Of Good Books

Nothing beats curling up on the couch with a good book. It’s a chance to relax and escape from everyday worries. I’m currently reading The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. Or if you’d like to learn a bit more about the concept of Hygge then you can’t go wrong with The Little Book of Hygge. It’s always sitting on our coffee table!


The more blankets, the better. I bought a new blanket from Matalan, and my mum got us a new blanket for Christmas too so I’m all set. However if you are lacking in the blanket department, just grab your duvet and bring it to the couch!

Soft Lighting

With a combination of the lit candles, a little lamp in the corner of our living room and the glow of some fairy lights, our flat is definitely softly lit! It makes the living room feel so much more cosy and relaxed. Try to avoid harsh white light and aim for soft, warm lighting instead!

Comfy Clothes

Walking around the house in jeans is strictly forbidden (at least in our flat it is). If you have no intention of going out for the rest of the day then put on a fresh pair of pjs!

Ditch the technology

Okay… this one isn’t too strict. You can watch your favourite film if you want, but put your phone away! If you’re not in the mood for a movie then why not play a board game? Lewis and I are big losers and we love playing Scrabble. If I’m on my own then you’ll find me tucked up under a blanket and reading my book instead.

Comfort Food and A Hot Drink

I don’t know about you, but I always find the smell of baking SO comforting. We’re having an over the top Hygge filled weekend, aka I’ve made chocolate chip cookies and I’m now contemplating making banana bread. Whatever your comfort food is, make a big plateful and grab a cup of tea while you’re at it!

Invite Your Friends Over

A large part of Hygge is spending your time in good company. Now for me, I’m content with a cosy night in with Lewis and Bear. However, if you’re a bit more socially inclined than me, why not organise a night in with friends? Order a takeaway and get the boardgames out. Sounds like the perfect night to me, whether you have friends round or not!

Is Hygge something you’ve heard of before? If so, do you have any tips for me? I’m always on the lookout for new ways to create cosiness in my home! 

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