Working On A Happier Healthier Mind

happier healthier mind

If I’m being honest, my brain has been a bit of a mess recently. I’m not happy, and it doesn’t feel great admitting that to the world. However,  instead of focusing on the bad bits, I’m trying to make little positive changes.

Here are a few of the simple things I’m doing which will hopefully lead to a happier healthier mind…

Eating Breakfast

I very rarely used to eat breakfast. Shock horror, I know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What was I thinking? I just never really made an effort, but recently that has changed. I’ve been starting my day with a big bowl of greek yogurt, fruit and granola and I’m actually really enjoying it.

Going For A Walk

A walk does wonders for my mood. I’m going on at least one big walk a day, and it’s really helping! I’ve felt quite lonely and down this summer, but getting some fresh air and clearing my head always helps much more than I think it will.

To Do Lists

I’m a person who is easily overwhelmed, and when I know I’ve got lots of things to do it can really play with my anxiety. Writing lists is so beneficial for me. At the start of each day, I write a to do list. Seeing everything I have to do right in front of me stops my brain from going into overload (most of the time).

Staying Hydrated

I notice a huge difference when I’m not drinking enough water. I get ridiculous headaches and my skin takes a turn for the worst, so why am I doing that to myself? Who knows! Since getting a Chilly’s bottle, I’ve been doing a much better job at drinking more water. I try to drink at least 2 litres of water everyday.

Less Screens, More Books

Wanting to grow my blog and social media, I know I spend a lot of time on my phone and laptop. Whilst I absolutely love doing that, I don’t want to be consumed by it. I think it’s important to make sure I’m having screen free time and reading is the perfect way to do that for me. I can happily sit and read for hours without even thinking of picking up my phone!

Caffeine Free At Night

If you know me, you’ll know I could easily drink coffee all day, but I’ve been making an effort to limit my caffeine at night. I’ve made it a habit to drink caffeine free fruit teas at night, and it’s a nice relaxing way to end my day.

That’s a wrap! They are some of the little things I’ve been doing to try and have a happier healthier mind.

happier healthier mind

Do you have any tips for me? What do you do to keep your brain happy and healthy? 

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