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The blogging world can get a bad reputation for being a negative space. While that might sometimes be true, it’s definitely not always the case! I’ve found some amazing people through blogging, so I thought I’d share some of them with you today. With International Women’s Day being a few days ago, I decided to specifically focus on female creators who inspire me. There are so many more that I could add to this list, but this is just five that instantly came to mind!

Vegan Foodie Gems

Gemma has only been blogging for a year, but what an impact she’s had in that year! She is one of the kindest people I’ve met, and I feel lucky enough to now call her a friend! If you need food recommendations for Glasgow and beyond, she is your girl. Gemma has also recently started a new venture called Bloggers Who Brunch. She truly is an advocate for community over competition, and it makes me so happy. Her aim is to bring bloggers together over brunch and create meaningful, positive relationships. The first event is actually today, and I’m so excited for it!

By Charlotte Ann

I am constantly in awe of Charlotte… I’m pretty sure she manages to squeeze more into a day than I could manage in a month! She definitely inspires me to work harder. Not only does she have her own incredible blog and business, Charlotte also runs Blog and Beyond. It has been such a valuable resource for me and so many others. If you’re considering starting a blog or you already have a blog and have no clue what you’re doing (aka me), Blog and Beyond has so many tips and tricks to help you along.

Katy English

Katy’s Instagram is on a whole other level, and she really inspires me to be more creative! She has photoshop skills sent from heaven, and she’s constantly creating unique, eye catching content. Seeing her pictures really does encourage me to try new things and switch up my content. As well as her incredible imagery, you can also count on Katy for great food recipes and travel content over on her blog.

Hayleigh Meg

Hayleigh is a powerhouse. Despite the trauma and difficulties she has faced, she continues to fight through it all and grow stronger. She is open and honest online about her mental health, and she is actually the reason I felt inspired to be more vocal about my mental health too. If you fancy following a smart, charismatic and incredibly determined woman then Hayleigh is your gal! It is such a pleasure to know her.

Make Erin Over

Erin is another inspirational woman for sure. I love following her on Instagram and reading her blog. While her blog has been primarily beauty based in the past, she’s recently started sharing more about her experience as a student midwife. Not only is it incredibly interesting, it’s also so inspiring to see a woman working hard and enjoying the career she has created for herself.

And that’s a wrap! I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about these 5 women who inspire me and hopefully you’ve found someone new to follow in the process. I’d love to know who some of your favourite content creators are too.


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