The Best Brunch Spots in Glasgow’s Southside

Living in the Southside and going for brunch are two of my most favourite things, so I’m very surprised that I’ve not made this post sooner… If you’re on the lookout for good brunch then look no further! I’m hoping that my extensive experience (aka eating lots) will guide you to the right places.

Take a look!

Cafe Strange Brew // 1082 Pollokshaws Road (dog friendly)

It’s no surprise that this popular spot made the list. Right in the heart of Shawlands, you’ll find a queue of people outside the door of Strange Brew every single weekend. Whether you’re after some baked eggs or a huge stack of pancakes, they won’t disappoint. Their vegan sausage is also super yummy!

The Glad Cafe // 1006 Pollokshaws Road (dog friendly)

This is my most recent brunch discovery. The Glad Cafe is perfect for the veggies or vegans in your life. The menu changes regularly, but it always has loads of yummy options (usually with an Asian twist). When I went, I opted for the Big Vegan Fry Up and it was amazing.

Gnom // 758 Pollokshaws Road (dog friendly)

Gnom is anther relatively new discovery for me. I’ve only been two times, but I have a feeling it won’t be long till I’m back again! They’ve got a good selection of savoury options as well as a couple options for those who have a sweet tooth. I have to recommend the black bean tacos – they are incredible.

Mala Carne // 1036 Cathcard Road (dog friendly)

Mala Carne is just round the corner from me, and it’s one of my firm favourites. It’s a vegetarian cafe, and they serve their breakfast menu all day! Everything is reasonably priced and is made fresh for you in the kitchen.  I’m a bit boring and tend to go for their Classic Avocado on Toast 99% of the time, however there’s always loads of other delicious things to choose from too!

Grain and Grind // 50 Battlefield Road (dog friendly)

Based on busy Battlefield Road, Grain and Grind is another brunch option that’s always busy at the weekend. They’ve got a big selection of things to choose from – including waffles, french toast, eggs on toast, huevos rancheros and more! If their brunch menu alone can’t temp you to go, they also have Kitty’s Donuts every weekend.

Short Long Black // 501 Victoria Road (dog friendly)

This is one of my favourite coffee spots, and they’ve recently started serving up brunch everyday of the week. There is only about 7 dishes to choose from, but every single one of them looks good to me! From memory, I think they have two vegan options and I tried one of them last time! I went for the smokey black beans with avocado, sweetcorn puree and their homemade potato waffles – so good.

Potluck // 38 Nithsdale Road (dog friendly)

Much like Cafe Strange Brew, Potluck is another name you often hear people talking about! With only 5 or 6 tables, you have to be quick to get a seat! The menu is small but mighty, and they regularly have specials on offer too. I’m yet to try the hot cakes (which everyone and their mum seems to rave about), but I can vouch for their Bahn Mi fries! Covered in their homemade spicy sauce, pickled carrots, sesame seeds and dill, they are a sensation in your mouth.

And that’s a wrap! Please tell me I’m not the only one who is ridiculously hungry now…

Need some coffee recommendations too? I’ve got a whole post dedicated to southside coffee spots!



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