The BAaD Dog Show

BAaD Dog Show

Despite Sunday meaning that Monday is almost here again, it’s my favourite day of the week. Whether it’s spent lazing around on the couch or visiting a castle, I always end the day feeling content. This Sunday definitely topped them all though. Why? Quite simply, dogs. The BAaD Dog Show was a free event hosted by Barras Art and Design which is in the heart of Glasgow’s famous Barras Market.


The event was all about celebrating dogs and raising money for local charities. Oh and there was some drinking involved too.

The BAaD Dog Show competition didn’t include the traditional dog show categories. It was all about appreciating dogs for their funny personalities and interesting quirks, regardless of their breed. The categories included: Best Bark, Waggiest Tail and Golden Oldie. I spotted quite a few doggies who proudly wore their winning ribbons all day long.

Although I sadly didn’t get any pictures of the winners, I do have pictures of some very good doggos which you’ll meet throughout this post.

BAaD Dog Show

I got the pleasure of giving these two Samoyeds some pats, and I can’t explain how thick and fluffy their coats were. As you can see, one dog had a sore paw and was sporting a fashionable pink boot, but that didn’t stop her from having fun!

BAaD Dog Show

The event took place inside the BAaD building and outside in the little square known as the backyard. Surprisingly, it wasn’t raining in Glasgow so we spent most of our time outside. I had a nice craft beer from the Backyard Bar and we chatted to some other dog lovers.

BAaD Dog Show

Can you spot the Border Collie above?? I think he’s hiding.

BAaD Dog Show

Look at that tongue. The Edward Foundation were one of the charities at the event. If you’ve not heard of them, check them out – they’re great. This little guy is one of the bulldogs from the foundation and is looking for his forever home. He might drool all over your house, but with that face I’d say it’s definitely worth it. Bulldogs have always been one of my favourite breeds and I’d love to adopt from the foundation in the future.

Barking Mad Dog Rescue were another charity at the event. I hadn’t heard of them before so decided to go over and find out a bit more. The charity rescues and rehomes dogs from Romania. The country has a large number of stray dogs on the streets. In 2013, a law passed as an effort to “fix” this problem. Animal control officers now forcefully capture the dogs and inhumanely euthanise them. Despite the charity’s incredible work, there is still so much work to be done.

The beautiful boy you can see below is one of the 600 dogs who the charity have successfully rehomed in the UK. The volunteer I met went to Romania a few years ago to work in the Barking Mad shelter and decided she couldn’t come home without him.

BAaD Dog Show

After saying goodbye to all the dogs, my day ended with a roast dinner and some cosy pyjamas (as if my day hadn’t already been amazing enough).

This was the first ever BAaD Dog Show, but after the success of Sunday, I’m sure it won’t be the last. I had so much fun meeting lots of doggos and discovering new charities to support. I can only hope that next year I’ll be there with my own little pup.

As always, thanks for reading!

Bekah x

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