I am a lifestyle blogger living in Glasgow. When I'm not working on my blog, I'm probably reading my book or drinking a gin!

20 Things I’ve Learned In 20 Years

15th June 2018

It’s June 15th – do you know what that means? Season 2 of Queer Eye has finally been released on Netflix, but it’s also my birthday! I thought it would be nice to share a birthday themed post, so here are 20 things I’ve learned in 20 years… 1)  The number of friends you have […]

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body confidence

Taking Steps Towards Body Confidence

10th June 2018

Wearing a dress without tights? No thank you. Wearing shorts? Nooooooo. Wearing a bikini? Basically my worst nightmare.  I’ve struggled with body confidence for years. It’s hard, isn’t it? I’ve wanted to write about this for a while, but I’ve never felt like I could articulate my thoughts well. Honestly, I still don’t think I can, […]

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small happy moments

Small Happy Moments #3

3rd June 2018

In case you’re new, Small Happy Moments is a series on my blog where I share a few things that have made me happy recently. I think it’s really important to appreciate the little moments. Here are a few of mine… The Sun We may not have a summer holiday booked, but I don’t think […]

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A Pony Called Steve

Discovering A Pony Called Steve

27th May 2018

A Pony Called Steve is certainly a name you can’t forget. I discovered this uniquely named company a few months ago, and I’m so glad I did. Not only are they cruelty free, they’re based in Glasgow too! I’ve been admiring their products ever since and had planned to purchase a few bits when my […]

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5 things im looking forward to this summer

5 Things I’m Looking Forward To This Summer

20th May 2018

Although it may not officially be summer yet, yesterday’s spontaneous trip to the beach felt a lot like summer to me. I’ve finally finished my second year of uni and I’m feeling pretty smug about it. I don’t have any concrete plans for summer, but there are a few things I’m looking forward to over […]

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Vegan Sweet Potato Black Bean Chilli

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chilli

13th May 2018

I love making chilli. It’s a comforting and hearty dish that is easy to put together. It’s really adaptable – you can put in anything you like, and as long as it’s seasoned well it’ll taste good! This sweet potato and black bean chilli is tasty, slightly spicy and vegan too. I topped my chilli with […]

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Small Happy Moments

Small Happy Moments #2

6th May 2018

In case you missed the last one, Small Happy Moments is a new feature on my blog where I discuss some of the little moments that have made me happy recently. Most of my time is being spent studying for exams, but there have been a few small happy moments that I think are worth […]

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dealing with exam stress

Dealing with Exam Stress

29th April 2018

It’s exam season, so I am stressed. Google normally has the answer for everything, but unfortunately not in this case. When I googled “how to deal with exam stress” I rolled my eyes at 98% of the words on the screen… “Eat right.” So far today, I’ve had 4 slices of toast, a cookie and […]

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Vapiano Glasgow

22nd April 2018

Being a big foodie, I’m always on the lookout for new food spots to try in Glasgow. Vapiano is a new Italian restaurant which has recently opened right in the heart of Glasgow. Isn’t Italian food just the best? This girl could never have too much pizza or pasta! It’s no surprise that I was very […]

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