I am a lifestyle blogger living in Glasgow. When I'm not working on my blog, I'm probably reading my book or drinking a gin!
student halls

Why Student Halls Weren’t For Me

19th August 2018

As my third year of uni is fast approaching, I thought it would be nice to reflect on this time two years ago. I was packing up all my stuff and preparing to move down to Glasgow on my own. I was terrified, but I was definitely excited too! Like many students, my plan was […]

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happier healthier mind

Working On A Happier Healthier Mind

12th August 2018

If I’m being honest, my brain has been a bit of a mess recently. I’m not happy, and it doesn’t feel great admitting that to the world. However,  instead of focusing on the bad bits, I’m trying to make little positive changes. Here are a few of the simple things I’m doing which will hopefully […]

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recent reads

5 Recent Reads

5th August 2018

I have been reading a lot recently. I thought it would be nice to start a new series on my blog called Recent Reads. This gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts on the books I’ve been reading whilst hopefully giving you an idea of what to read or perhaps what to avoid! Without further […]

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Small Happy Moments #5

29th July 2018

In case you’re new around here, Small Happy Moments is a series where I share a few things that have made me smile recently. Joining The Library – I’ve been a member of my local library for less than a week, and I already can’t recommend it enough. I’ve been such a bookworm recently, but […]

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A Weekend in Newcastle

21st July 2018

Last week, Lewis and I took a little trip down to Newcastle. I had no idea what to expect as I’ve never been before, but I kinda fell in love… Whether you’re staying right in the city centre or somewhere on the outskirts, there is loads to see and do. The Metro makes it incredibly […]

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cruelty free summer essentials

Cruelty Free Summer Essentials

15th July 2018

I may not have a holiday booked, but it’s feeling a lot like summer in Scotland! Throughout the summer, all I’m looking for is glowy, hydrated and non-sunburnt skin… Some of these beauty products I’ve been using for years whereas others are quite new to me, however they’re all perfect for summer. As far as […]

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how to survive a heatwave

How To Survive A Heatwave

7th July 2018

When it rains 99% of the year in Scotland, I know I really shouldn’t moan about the warm weather.  A heatwave has struck the UK, and Glasgow even reached an impressive 32 degrees last week! Who knew that was possible? As much as I’m enjoying the warm weather, I’ve been struggling a bit too. Don’t […]

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small happy moments

Small Happy Moments #4

1st July 2018

When I’m struggling with my mental health, I really value the small happy moments, hence why I started this series. Here are a few of my recent ones… Caring Less & Dressing For The Weather It’s no secret that I don’t like the way my arms or legs look, but recently I’ve been caring less […]

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reality of having a cat

The Reality Of Having A Cat

23rd June 2018

Last week we were celebrating my birthday… This week we are celebrating Bear’s birthday. In case you don’t know, Bear is my ridiculously cute cat and today is his birthday. I can’t believe he’s one now! I love having Bear around, however there’s a lot of things I didn’t know about cats until owning one […]

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