5 Things I’d Like To Achieve By The End Of The Year

With Halloween only a couple of days away and the weather quickly getting colder, the end of the year no longer seems that far away. With that in mind, I decided it’s about time I have a little think about what I’d like to achieve by the end of the year.

I did write a 2018 goals post back in January, but I thought it would be nice to set some more specific goals now. It feels like a lot has changed since the beginning of the year, so let’s reevaluate…

Here are 5 things I’d like to achieve by the end of the year:

1)  Survive First Semester

I mean, ideally I’d like to do a bit more than survive… If I could successfully complete all my coursework and pass my exams then that would be great. However, third year seems to be the busiest year yet… With my stress levels at an all time high, all I’m really aiming for right now is survival. Please tell me I’m not the only one?!

2)  Keep The Flat Tidy

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve said that I’m going to keep the flat tidy. However, this time I really mean it (well at least I hope I do). I have no idea how our flat gets in such a mess, and it really stresses me out. I’m setting myself a goal to do a little tidy every single day, even if it’s just for 5 or 10 minutes. I’m also hoping that buying some new cleaning supplies will keep me motivated. I definitely won’t be going anywhere near Mrs Hinch level, but I definitely will be picking up a festive Zoflora or two!

achieve by the end of the year

3) Start Therapy

Now this one isn’t really up to me… It’s up to the good old waiting list! I’ve got in touch and given them all my details, so it’s really just a waiting game now. Even though I’m kinda terrified of going to therapy, I do think it will help. I’ll be really pleased if I manage to start before the end of the year. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

4) Secure Some Collaborations

Things have been a bit quiet on the collaboration front recently, and I’d love to change that! I’ve been working really hard on my blog and Instagram lately, so I think it’s time to reach out to some brands and attempt to sell myself to them. I only want to work with brands that I truly use and love, so over time I’ve been creating a little list of brands that I would love to work with in the future. I’m going to consult that list and start thinking of some pitch ideas. Wish me luck!

5) Be Brave and Arrange Some Coffee Dates!

If we’re being 100% honest, I don’t have many friends in Glasgow and I’ve been pretty lonely lately. Making friends isn’t easy – quite frankly, it’s terrifying. However, blogging has introduced me to lots of lovely local people. I’m hoping that by the end of this year, I have the confidence to arrange a couple coffee dates with some of them.

On that note… if anyone local fancies a coffee then let me know. I’m always up for cake and chats!

achieve by the end of the year


Is there anything you’re hoping to achieve by the end of the year? Let me know in the comments! 


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  • Ellen says:

    I’m at the point where I just want to survive the semester too!😂😂

  • Good luck on all your goals, im positive you’ll achieve them!

  • Maggie says:

    Hi you’ve inpired me to once and for all set my specific goals. I think about them in my head but I know writing them down will make me be accountable thus work even harder. Best of luck with yours!

  • Good luck on your goals. It’s hard to make friends no matter where you are in life. Get out of your comfort zone and maybe ask another local blogger you’ve connected with on Twitter! They’re probably just as nervous to ask you for coffee.

  • Lyd says:

    If I lived near Glasgow I’d happily hop over for a coffee with you! I also wrote a list of ideal brand collabs and pitched to them. Some ignored me, but Go Ape were happy to work with me and it was amazing to tick that off, I’m excited to see what’s in store for you!

    • rbekhaj says:

      Aw I wish you were closer Lyd! Would love to meet you one day. That’s amazing that you got to work with Go Ape after pitching to them, you should be so proud of yourself! x

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