24 Hours In Inverness

So up until a few weeks ago, I’d never been to Inverness! I spent a grand total of 24 hours there and that short trip was enough to make me fall in love. It’s a small town packed with things to do, and I’m desperate to go back already!

If you’re planning a trip to Inverness then hopefully this post will give you some ideas. If you’re not planning a trip, I’m hoping I’ll convince you to plan one after this post!

Without further ado, here’s my guide on what to do, see and eat on a flying trip to Inverness….

What to eat …

As always, the what to eat section of this city guide will probably be the longest. I love good food.

If you are a doughnut lover then you are spoiled for choice in Inverness. There are two cafes that sell their freshly made doughnuts daily.

Coyote Coffee and Doughnuts // Despite being open less than a year, they are already #1 on Tripadvisor for food in Inverness. I think that speaks for itself! The cafe has lots of little tables, so it’s the perfect spot to stop and rest your feet.

Miele’s Geletaria is the place to go for ice cream. It wasn’t very warm when we went to Inverness, but that didn’t stop us from getting a scoop of ice cream. All of their flavours are handmade daily, and there are lots to choose from. I even spotted a vegan flavour or too which was nice to see.

Perk Coffee and Doughnuts is the other hot spot in town for doughnuts. Their doughnuts change monthly, and they always have a selection of unique flavours. I’m not exaggerating… I think it was the best doughnut I’ve ever had. The only downside to Perk is that it’s more of a grab and go kinda place, they have a couple small benches so it quickly fills up!

Black Isle Bar // if you like good beer then this is the place to go. Black Isle brew their own beer in Inverness, and they also offer a great selection of other craft beers too. Not only is their beer good, they also do pizzas. I went for the goats cheese pizza and we also shared a garlic pizza bread  – both of which were incredible. We did struggle to get a seat on a Wednesday night, but I guess that just shows you how good it is!

For any of you beer fiends, you can even book a tour of their brewery on the outskirts of Inverness! I didn’t have time to do that this time around, but I would love to do it in the future.

What to see & do …

Go for a walk along the River Ness // The River Ness runs directly through the town, and it is ridiculously beautiful if you ask me. If it’s a sunny day then you can’t go wrong with going for a walk along the river. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled though – if you’re lucky then you might spot a seal or two!

Browse the shops in the Victorian Market // The Victorian Market is a bit different to your usual shopping centre. The Victorian Market opened it’s doors in 1870 and has been full of independent traders ever since. Whether you’re after a haircut, a souvenir or some spices, you’ll find it all.

Head up to the castle viewpoint // Inverness Castle is situated on the top of a hill right in the city centre. You can pay £5 to enter the castle and walk up the spiral staircase to the famous viewpoint, although the view isn’t bad from outside of the castle too! Either way, you’ll get a great view of the river and beyond.

Places I didn’t have time to visit, but wish I did …

Leakey’s Bookshop // Leakeys is a second hand book shop that is housed in an 18th century building. This is thing I’m the most sad about missing. I love any and all book shops, but this one seems like a very special one.

The Botanic Gardens // I don’t know about you, but I love going to botanic gardens. I wish I’d had the chance to visit the Inverness gardens. They have a wildflower meadow which just sounds like a dream tbh. There is also a Tropical House where you’ll find a variety of plants, from Birds of Paradise to Coffee plants!!

Utopia Cafe is a newly opened cafe in Inverness that looks wonderful. They’re all about making fresh food using locally sourced ingredients. I will definitely be heading here for brunch next time I’m in town!

Inverness Art Gallery + Museum // Entry to the gallery and museum is free, and it’s the perfect way to learn a bit more about the history of Inverness and the Highlands as a whole. If you’re heading to the castle then you should definitely stop here too – they’re right next door to each other!

I missed out on these gems, but if you’re in the area then please go visit them for me! I will definitely be making sure I fit these into my next trip.

Have you visited Inverness before?? Is there anything I didn’t include that you’d recommend? Let me know, so I can add it to my list for next time!


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